Barossa Strong offers people a way to develop a new relationship with pain and suffering relating to depression. A main assumption of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy is that pain is a normal and unavoidable part of being human, and that it is perfectly healthy to have whatever emotions arise in the presence of painful experiences. However, people’s understandable desire to control or avoid their own thoughts and feelings can actually lead to much long-term and unnecessary suffering. For example, a person may develop short-term means for coping with their emotions – such as social withdrawal, substance use, or overeating – that actually end up causing even more suffering in the long term. Worse yet, time spent struggling with thoughts and feelings is time away from the things that matter most in life. Put simply, our treatment revolves around letting go of the struggle with difficult thoughts and feelings in order to pursue a richer, fuller, and more purposeful life. ​ We help clients develop self-compassion and awareness skills allowing a flexible response to painful thoughts and emotions.

Barossa Strong